: Welcome to America, where we have lost our manners.......

I know I know........It has been a long time since yours truly ever typed anything in this page. And everytime I think of something, the only things that come to my mind are things that provoke me. Yeah, methinks I am growing into this grumpy man. You know the grumpy grandpa who is not happy with anything at all? I can see myself grow into that. I should change the way I think, otherwise, I will be a changed man. Anyways, thats a project for me to do. Lets get to why this whole post is here.

Its christmas time. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Its time to give. I do not know why, but I just love christmas time. Its not too cold here in Phoenix. Temperatures range only in the 50-60s (that is deg F). When the rest of the USA shovels snow, we here enjoy crisp sunshine, and cool nights. Not to mention, shops put on their best appearance. A lot of people are out shopping, checking out stuff, buying gifts. That is what yours truly did this past sunday. We (my wife and I) were at a "Cost Plus" world market. This is a really neat setup. They have stuff from more than 50 countries in their store. Everything from beer to chocolate to wine and gift ideas. If you are a person who finds it difficult to find gifts fof your friends, I recommend this place to you.

Anyways, here we are in Cost Plus, checking out some stuff. Oh BTW, there is a whole aisle set aside for chocolates from, yeah Cadbury!!!!! That is the section I like to hang out at. We did some window shopping, and then I got something for Sharon. We proceeded to the payment counter where it was very crowded. In shopping centres in the US, if there are more customers waiting, and the line does not move that fast, they open up another counter to help customers. So thats what they did here. And we were at the end of a waiting line, and as is usual custom, the lady at the counter offered to help. We moved on to that new counter, and nobosy said anything. But as we were getting the gifts wrapped by the lady and paying the bill, this lady behind me said "Welcom to America, where we have lost our manners". I knew it was directed at me. My wife was angered. I was a little bit disturbed by that comment. But this is not the worst I have heard here.

But as we were walking out the door, I was trying to convince my wife that there is no point in trying to correct her point of view. Its is just that she had a narrow view. But thinking more about that incident, I think I should have retaliated. But retaliating to these comments will get me nowhere, right? This is where I really feel good about the tolerant nature of us Indians. Maybe we should export some of this tolerance to the US, as the US is exporting its culture to the rest of the world. It really makes a whole lot of difference when you think of something like this in a tolerant atitude. The US has always been this culture that retaliates first and then thinks what it has done. I hope, as a melting point of different cultures, the US adopts the best of different cultures, and improve its own. That is how legacy cultures are made.

Merry Christmas to you all......have a safe Christmas.



flutteringeyes said...

omg....I loved shopping at costplus....my first christmas...when I didn't know what to buy for valleamma and cousins...it made my life a lot easier....and ofcourse cadbury is good.

ok, now lets get to the point. I agree with you. americans should adopt the best in every culture.
and just as a side note, I cannot believe that lady said that to you

Anonymous said...

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Umesh said...

Fluttering eyes, I love the setup of CostPlus. HAHAHA.....that comment was not the sourest I have heard. I have come across more.

Anonymous who the F@*K are you? Stop spamming my blog!!!!!

Syl said...

Hiii! Long time indeed! and Christmas is my fav season too! :)

hmm...about the incident...funny how she spoke of manners when she herself doesn't seem to possess any...but am not sure if you shouldn't have retaliated...tolerance is good, but beyond a point?...the Americans might not understand the meaning of tolerance, but what about us -- isn't tolerance a reason why we were ruled by the British for so long before we decided to do something about it?

Mm... said...

tolerance is a very valuable trait...and i think it's quite admirable that you didn't retaliate.
I suppose there will always be a few rotten apples in any crate...and although I agree with you in saying that generally speaking, US culture tends to be a bit impulsive at first, I think US is much better off than other countries in accepting different cultures. I think this lady was just one of those rotten apples.
But then again, you've been more exposed to the real world... :)

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JC said...


Blog vayichu. Good job in not replying to her and showing your class...

How is life.. ? i am in Arkansas, cold in here... will be stuck here for few (more than 6!)more months.

Take care buddy.
Jimmy Chacko

Maya Cassis said...

there is no point talking to that old woman.we might end up spoiling our day.so many people are out there to try and ruin our day.let it come thro one ear and go thro the other.:)