: Katrina the New Age Kali

So this latest edition to the hurricanes hitting the Southern coast of the United States has been named Katrina. So what was predicted to be a Cat 3 storm suddenly changed plans, and got a makeover to a Cat 4. Winds upto 140mph, tonnes of rain, and left the gulf coast (coastal cities in Louisiana and Missisippi). Katrina left the whole of the historic city of New Orleans under many feet (some places upto 20) of water. New Orleans to begin with was under the sea level. So to make matters incredibly worse, the breaches that guarded New Orleans gave way to the shear destructive force of Katrina, and the soup bowl effect took place. Experts estimate it will take months to get the water out of the city, and years until the rebuilding is complete.

What is really intriguing to me, is that the richest country (or so it claims) in the world, the most technologically equipped nation, and the world's sole super power, sat and watched as hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless, and literally, left to die. Disaster relief did not reach the affected areas until after 72 hours. 72 hours! you can send your armed forces to afganistan, or any other country in this whole world for that matter, in a matter of hours. But you just cannot send help and aid to your own people. This country claims to be the epitome of civilization. But there is not a single evidence that tells me this country really cares. It took 5 days to get the national guard there! No wonder some people took to the streets looting and killing. There are reports of people committing suicides, even police personnel. They just could not take it anymore. As the whole world watched, the federal officials here just sat back, and did NOTHING. No help! Nothing! This government has let its people down. While Louisiana and Missisippi were still reeling from the aftermath of the deadly massive storm, Pres. Bush was in Arizona trying to sell his new social security plan. C'mon, for God's sakes, there is a national disaster, and you are trying to sell your social "security" plan. Well, if these citizens do not make it alive, then you do not need to give them the social security they need right?????

The world's most powerful, and civilized nation now has a city that lives like a "third world". Well, they set the standards then. Now, they find themselves victims of the very standard they set. How long does it take for a first-world country to transform to a third-world country? Not very long as Katrina has shown. It is a shame that a country with "limitless" resources as the US sat and watched, and took so long to atleast respond. We can only hope that the officials learn from history.