:Wasted time, wasted youth (sigh)

    Was reading the news on my favourite news source, and stumbled upon this link. The gist of the article is this:
   Protestors burn an effigy of "Dubiya" (Bush) to protest against his naming his pet cat "India". C'mon dudes. cant you think of something else to protest? I mean I am patriotic, but not Chauvinistic patriotic. There are a 100 thousand other issues to think and protest about, and you guys (Prathikarana Vedi - "Forum for Protestations" in Malayalam, which happens to be my mother tongue too) found only this? No wonder my state (Kerala) is reaching nowhere. Protests for this, protests for that, protests for every freaking thing. Why do we need to politicize everything around us? Ofcourse, by us, I mean us Keralites here. We got to motivate ourselves into pursuing something more productive. We boast ourselves to be the most educated society in India, with a wealth of knowledge, but are we really showing it? Instead, we waste it on so many sundry matters, that we lose identity of ourselves. We have lost ourselves somewhere along the line. We need to gather it back.

   Nothing like wasting human talent. Unfortunately, that is something India as a country needs to understand too. What am I blabbering here? I just get frustrated when I see such lame stuff being reported in the news. Afterall, did people really have the time to spend on such things????? I wonder.........


vignesh said...

Remember all those strikes we had in college -- Was any one of them meaningful ????@

Sylvia D'souza said...

wonder why the protestors didn't simply ask Manmohan Singh to name his pet cat "dubiya" ..he..hee!! :)

mr said...

dude, be easy on the mallus ;) I 2 was very suprised when i heard that many people here have the name India. then i asked one of them "why India"? she said "It is a very cute name" I had never thought of it that way!
Imagine the plight of the Baluchistanis and the United Arab Emrites, would anyone find the name of their country cute enough to be the name of someone they love?
Alas, as u said, it does'nt take much rhyme or reason for a protest.

pleasantly surprised to see vignesh :)
( waving and saying hello )

Umesh said...

Vigs: Strikes in college atleast helped us cut classes. hehehe.
Syl: That sounds like a great idea. But I wonder if the cat would be offended if ManMohan Singh calls him "Dubiya". That name is so horrendous.
Nevil: I have no reservations against names. India does sound like a "cute" name. But I have to say that this kind of an attitude my the Mallus is what deters us from developing. Does this mallu who wastes his time calling slogans do the same thing when he gois to say, a Gulf Country, or Singapore, or even the USA? Do you see this mallu who says he will only do a white-collar job bcas he has a degree, do the same elsewhere? We should change the way we think about our problems. We mallus feel that only we have these problems, and we try and vent it out using any damn thing we can think of, like Dubiya naming his cat India. Is he going to change the name if we burn his effigy? NO. HELL NO. And is it reaaallly bad that he named his cat India? NO. HELL NO. Sorry if I am being too pushy here.

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